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While I was messing around with Kim, the hot mature woman from the previous page, that I desperately wanted older woman porn pics of, she introduced me to one of her higher class friends named Carole. Carole wasn't near the mature slutty bitch that Kim was but you know I wanted pics of her too. Carole was about 45 and was really hot and sexy for a mature woman. She dressed well but a bit sexy with frilly feminine clothes that I liked.

The way Kim and Carole were together made me wonder if these two mature chicks were actually older lesbian babes but it turns out they weren't. They were just good friends who loved to hug each other. You just know the lesbian thing made me want to see mature women pics of hot older lesbians doing it. At my younger age I never knew such a thing existed in pics or photos. I now know it does and I now know that mature women are as likely to be lesbians as a younger woman is.

Younger men like me and mature erotic women like these in the stories were a big taboo back then so it took some guts for the mature women I did fuck to go to bed with me. It also took a ton of trust for these mature older amateur women to be fucking me because if I talked they would be ostracized in the community. Now days they prosecute women for fucking guys as young as I was but I didn't see it as child abuse at all. It was just some good hot wet pussy and some mature soft saggy tits for me to play with and I loved it. I was a really horny teenager back then. Lol, now I'm just a really horny old man. ;)

Carole met me at Kim's one day and we talked for a bit. Kim had told her I was doing some work for her and also babysat now and then. Rigghhhtttttttt. Carole may have been a mature slut but she did have two younger kids that needed a baby sitter now and then and she also said she may have some of the same work Kim had, for me to do. Never one to turn down a mature, very sexy older woman with big tits I naturally said yes.

Carole called me one night and asked if I could baby sit so I went to her place and she left. The mature bitch did give me some instructions about bedtimes, etc. I put the kids to bed on time and started watching TV. About an hour later Carole came home, something like 5 hours earlier than she said. I was disappointed she was home so soon because I needed the money and I mentioned it to her.

She told me she was going to pay me for the stated amount of time and that she was going to change into some more comfortable clothes and do some work but I could stay and watch TV. Did I mention Carole was a busty mature older woman and had some huge tits. She came out of her bedroom wearing a feminine pink housecoat that barely reached her knees. Tons of women across the country had the same thing for lingerie. She sat on the couch opposite of me and the way she sat I could see her older chicks mature pussy. Made my dick instantly hard.

She started talking to me about her photography hobby and that most of the pics in the house had been taken by her. She was pretty good at taking nice pictures but it wasn't pics I was interested in. She kept talking about all of her pictures, where she'd been to take them and how much film she used per year taking her great pics. Like I cared.

Then she caught me looking at the hot mature womens older cunt and smiled and opened her legs a bit further. Whoa, for once I knew what was going on and what was going to happen. What I didn't know was how to start it but Carole, older and sexy mature woman that she was, knew how. We talked a bit, she spread her legs more and my dick got harder and harder. Finally she patted the couch next to her and I went and sat by her but not to close.

We talked a few minutes and she put her mature hand on my leg to make a point and then she never removed it. Then she leaned over, brushed her sexy senior lips against my ear and whispered for me to slide over closer to her. So I did. We kept talking but she was now rubbing the inside of my thigh and stopping millimeters before she touched my throbbing cock. Hell, she could see it throbbing thru my pants, it was that hard and I was that horny to fuck this mature slut.

Carole was breathing harder and faster and she finally rubbed her hand over my cock. This time I moaned out loud with the pleasure of it. She leaned in more and whispered that we needed to go to her bedroom so the kids wouldn't see us. I couldn't wait to see this naked older womens tits and ass.

She pushed me back on the bed and started pulling my pants down while I took my shirt off. When I was naked she removed her housecoat and she wasn't wearing anything underneath. She grabbed my hard cock, straddled me and then sat down a bit and let it slide in. Damn, her mature pussy was so warm and wet and felt so fucking great I almost came right away but I managed to hold off. She started cumming about her 4th or 5th bounce and didn't stop until she couldn't stand it anymore.

She climbed off and laid next to me to get her breath back and after she did she reached for my cock and told me now she was going to make me feel as good as I had made her older mature pussy feel. She wrapped those hot and sexy senior lips around my hard cock and started sucking and moving her head up and down. Damn, I wanted it to last forever but in about 45 seconds I was shooting a huge, hot load of cum right down her throat and the old slut was swallowing every bit of it.

While we laid there and each had a cigarette she asked me if I like baby sitting for her and if I wanted to babysit a couple of times per week. Not being a total fool I said yes. ;) I love fucking mature chics and Carole and I would fuck a lot over the next two years.

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