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When she came to get me I noticed right away her sexy lingerie was different. Sexier and way more see thru nude look than the last time she'd picked me up. I also noticed she wasn't wearing her jacket. Dam, I could see those nude older women tits and her nipples right thru the cloth. My dick got harder than hell in the first few milliseconds when I sat down in the car. I could keep my eyes off of her near nude older women tits and nipples. Her tits were very white and her nipples were a great shade of brown and a bit long. Heh, they were standing out when I got in the car. Her older women nude body looked like it hadn't seen the sun for years as she was very white and no tan lines at all on her nude older women body. Still a sexy older bitch tho and I still wish I had pics of her with her older women tits out so you could see them.

She noticed the beer smell on my breath and asked if I'd mind having a beer at her place while she put more clothes on and covered up that hot and sexy mature woman body. She said she'd just rushed right out of bed to come and get me. Damn, I was going back to her house to drink at least one beer and I could fantasize about her naked mature tits at the same time. I really wanted her to leave her sexy lingerie on tho as I was really getting off looking at her soft, warm, big, tits.

She was talking to me from her bedroom and while she was talking my hand went to my dick and started squeezing it. Damn, I was hornier than hell and getting even hornier. I'd never been this close to any mature nude women before and I knew she was getting naked while she was talking off her negligee. Then I heard her swear a couple of times and asked her what was wrong. She told me it would be a few minutes as her leg had spasmed and she had to sit down on her bed for a few minutes and wait for it to go away. Figures something would fuck up my getting to play with her mature sluts big tits. While I waited I started playing with my hard cock thru my pants and rubbing it while I was thinking of her hot naked mature tits.

After a few more minutes I heard her moan and asked again if she was okay. She said no, it was getting worse and could I come in and rub her leg for her to see if that would help. Damn, by then my dick was as big as my leg thinking about her naked tits and I had something she could rub for me too. I walked into her bedroom and the fact that my cock was hot and hard was very obvious thru my tight jeans. It was the first time a naked older woman had turned me on this much. She must have been hot too because she was sitting on the bed with just a pair of cotton panties on covering her mature ass and her great tits completely on display for me to see. Fuck, I wanted to touch them in the worst way. My cock started throbbing in my pants and I wondered if I was going to cum right then and there. Her big tits and older nude body were really turning me on and on and on.

She let me look at her sexy tits for a moment and then asked me to rub her leg and I wasn't going to tell this hot older slut no. I got down in front of her and started trying to loosen up the muscle in her bare leg. After a few seconds she told me I wasn't doing it right and leaned forward so her fucking nipples were about a half an inch from my mouth while she showed me how to rub her sexy fucking leg. I really wanted to move my head forward and suck that nipple into my mouth until it got hard, Damn, I could feel the heat of it on my face and it felt good. Being somewhat timid because she was so much more mature I didn't do anything to her big breasted mature women nude older womens tits which I found out later frustrated her to no end.

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