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The next sexy mature bitch I fucked I also met through Kim. Dina was a older beautiful women in the mid 40 range or even pushing 50 and she was a mature redhead with some really big tits. I've never been a big tits fan but a hot mature busty bitch that looks hot and sexy can turn me on even today. Now I love mature erotica and some days just can't get enough older woman nude pic or sexy mature galleries.

I don't know what Kim told all of the mature bitches she knew but her place wa a prime hunting ground for sexy and mature women. I met a lot of women through her and most of the were a hot sexy older slut or even better a lot of them were just mature horny and very sexy women. Dina was one of those and I wish I could find an older erotica page so I could show you what she looked like but none of the nude aged pics I've found look much like her at all.

At this point in my life I'd never fucked a sexy mature redhead but I wanted to fuck Dina the first time I saw her. I wanted this amateur mature sexy old slut the first time I saw her. I couldn't wait to get this older woman nude and slip my hand into her mature panties and my hard cock up her sexy older pussy.

Dina called me one day and asked if I could come and mow her lawn as her usual kid wasn't doing a very good job. Sensing the possibility of some sexy mature hot pussy in the offering I went to mow her lawn. I wondered what the sexy old bitch was going to pay me for doing her lawn and even better I wondered what else she wanted me to do. I'd had a few older nude babes and I wanted to add this one to my collection of nude aged women.

Dina answered the door wearing a pair of the shortest shorts I'd ever seen. When she told me to come in and I followed her I noticed her mature ass cheeks were hanging out the bottom of her sexy short shorts. The thin white cotton blouse she was wearing was tied under her big tits and wasn't buttoned at all. Did I mention it was really hot out so her clothing was appropriate but damn, it was turning me on even more. Cock was so hard I could hardly walk.

Dina lead me to her bedroom instead of the kitchen as I'd expected. She said she had a drawer that didn't work very well and could I take a look at it. While I was looking at the drawer she decided to change clothes. She was standing in front of the mirror, almost directly in my line of site, and told me to be a gentleman and not watch her change clothes. Then she took off her blouse and set those big tits free. She had big nipples and her areola were huge.

Come on, you know I watched. ;) Her mature naked breasts were totally naked. The she proceeded to take of her sexy short shorts and I got to watch her mature big tits swinging as she bent over. She stood up in front of the mirror and cupped her huge breasts and then pinched the nipples for a few seconds. For a nude older woman she was really hot and sexy.

While she was pinching her big nipples she met my eyes in the mirror, got a big smile on her face and said, I thought I told you not to watch. I blushed a ton but she just asked if I liked her breasts. I said yes and then she asked if I'd like to touch them and I blurted out 'fuck yes!' and it cracked her up. When she stopped laughing she brought those mature tits over to me and pulled both of my hands onto those soft breasts.

She kept her mature hands over mine and showed me how to caress and squeeze her big tits in a way that she liked. while I was squeezing her big sexy tits she dropped both hands to her old pussy and started to play with it. As I was sitting and she was standing her hot cunt was almost in my face. She put a couple of fingers in and started finger fucking her pussy really fast and then I could hear the wetness of it while she was finger fucking herself.

After a few minutes she started cumming and when she was done she slowed her fingers down and told me to take off my pants. While I did she played with her tits and pussy and I took my time because I enjoyed watching her mature nudes sexy body moving. When I got my pants off she put one of my hands on her tits and the other on her pussy and then proceed to play with my cock while I played with her hot cunt.

Sheesh, I lasted less that two minutes until I shot a huge load and when I came she started cumming again until she collapsed on the bed. We laid there until we both got our breath back and then she told me to get dressed so I did. She threw her robe back on and went into the kitchen and I met her there a couple of minutes later. She gave me twenty bucks for mowing her lawn and told me if I wanted to I could come back and mow it again in a few days. I probably saw her over 50 times after that first time and she always paid me for mowing the lawn but I quit bringing my lawn mower after the first time. ;)

I fucked Maida the least of all of them and I fucked Carole the most. Kim and Dina were somewhere in between but those are all stories for another day. These stories were just about my first time with each sexy mature or older woman. Besides keeping all of them happy I was also screwing all the girls I could from school.

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