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She took my hands in her sexy mature hands and showed me how to rub her leg. Then she released one of my hands and held the other and told me just to rub up and down behind her hot sexy mature women leg with one hand. While I was rubbing she slowly moved my other hand up to her warm stomach and let it rest there naturally like it was unplanned and innocent. Oh fuck was I turned on by this sexy older bitch with my hand inches from her hot fucking mature tits. She then asked me if she could move her leg a bit to a different position that might be more comfortable for me and I sad yes. She slid it right in between my open legs but not quite touching my cock. I rubbed her a bit more and shifted my position a bit so I could just barely feel her foot on my crotch. Fucking cock started throbbing really hard at that point and I thought my dick was going to explode all over her sexy mature womens foot. Did I mention she was wearing very sexy toenail polish? Always been a big turn on for me even if it's on a mature womens feet.

We stayed like that for a bit and she still had my hand in hers and on her hot and sexy warm soft stomach. With my hand in hers she started making little circular motions on her hot mature tummy and then I felt her foot move just a tad more into my cock. She started moving her sexy toes a bit and they were actually going right over the head of my dick. Damn, she was touching my cock with her foot and making the circles on her tummy. Soon the circles got bigger and I brushed the bottom of her soft sexy mature breast with the back of my hand while she was making larger circles. I must have moaned or something because she asked if I was okay. Damn right I was okay for a guy whose cock was going to explode.

She leaned forward again and her great big sexy mature tit was now tight up against my hand and she was looking down at what she was doing with her foot. Finally she moaned a bit and slid her foot tight on to my cock and while she was doing that she took my hand and turned it so her hot fucking tit was cupped in my hand. Damn, I was so fucking hot I could hardly stand it. She was squeezing the hand that was cupping her breast so I started squeezing that big fucking tit on my own and she then let go of my hand. I played with her tits and nipples and she moaned a little more but very softly. I really wish I had pics of this because thinking about the first sex with her has got my cock hard again.

Then she said her leg was better and why didn't I come up on the bed and sit by her. I let her hot older breast go and stood up and then she pulled me down by her and grabbed my hand and put it on her hot sexy tits. She slid her hand over to my crotch and started rubbing my hard cock thru my pants. Soon she asked me to squeeze hers soft mature tits harder and while I was fulfilling that request she undid my pants and put her hand inside but on the outside of my underwear. Damn cock was throbbing like a jackhammer at that point. It felt so fucking good I didn't want her to stop. She took my hand from her tits and placed it on her crotch thru her panties and I started rubbing her hot mature pussy.

Right after I started on her hot and sexy pussy she pulled my cock entirely out and started jacking me off. She moaned even louder and rubbed my cock even harder and faster and told me to rub her hot horny mature fucking pussy as fast and hard as I could. Soon she moaned really loud and then sorta collapsed on the bed but when she did she pulled me back with her. She kept playing with my cock so I got on my knees so she had better access. She leaned toward me a bit and her hot and sexy tits were rubbing all over my cock. I didn't last thirty seconds after that and started shooting a huge load of cum all over her hot fucking mature women tits. She started moaning louder and moving her hot and sexy hips again and then she stuck her hand in her panties and I could hear her pussy juice as she frantically rubbed her hot sexy cunt. Then she took her other hand and started rubbing in all the cum I'd shot all over her sexy mature tits and while she was doing that she came again.

When she was done she asked me if I liked it and I said sure. Then she put my cock in her mouth and licked every bit of cum off of it too. When she finished she told me to go back in the other room and she got dressed and took me home. When I got out she told me to call her again the next night so I did. Enough for now tho as that's another whole story in itself and I'll tell you that story about fucking this sexy older broad hot pussy another day. She is one of the sexiest erotic mature women I ever knew.

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